Frequently Asked Questions

Standard we would advise to set between 20 and 30 meters above ground level. Check for tall structures where you are flying and add a few extra meters to avoid any collision.

When you want to follow our courses these are the minimum ages ( at the start):

  • Workshop: 16 years
  • Private RPAS certificate: 16 years
  • Commercial RPAS certificate: 18 years

Follow our FB page to keep you updated of our trainings.

You can also send us an email or call us:

  • info@namibiandroneacademy.com
  • +264 81 659 7503

Before the beginning of each training, the payment should be done in full. When the payment is not made, you cannot follow the training.

When you come for the final skills test, a proof of payment has to be given to the evaluator before performing the test.